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Peter Bell Saves Christmas!

2012-12-12 15:26:49 by D-Fear331

Go! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/607583

Christmas Game looking for Coder!

2011-09-15 00:52:26 by D-Fear331

Hey everybody!

Dom and Brakken here.

It's coming 'round to Christmas time again, and we're looking for a coder to be a part of Peter Bell Saves Christmas - our flash game for the Newgrounds Christmas Competition.

It's a midquel to Dom's award-winning short films, Deck'd and Deck'd 2 .

Relatively simple, Peter Bell is a sidescroller with three stages, a boss at the end of each. Playing through, the gamer will earn EXP for defeating enemies, allowing them to level up and unlock new combos and special attacks.

Almost all the music and visuals are done, the small remainder of which will be completed in the coming month.

We're looking for someone skilled and efficient with Actionscript 3, who's prepared to collaborate with us until the release of the game, on December 1st.

Here's a link to the Opening Cutscene .

If you're interested, leave a comment here with an example of your work as soon as you can.

Looking forward to working with you :)

-Dom Fera and Brakkenimation

Looking for a coder!

2010-10-18 23:18:46 by D-Fear331

Hey Dudes and Dudettes!

I'm working on a game for the NG Christmas competition and I'm looking for a coder.

It's a side-scrolling action game with three levels. Characters and storyline are designed. The animation is already under way (and looking great).

It's based on a short film I made, Deck'd , which won the audience award in its category at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth!

I'm directing the project and making the music, with Brakkenimation doing the art and animation.

If you're interested, leave a comment here with a link to some of your coding work.

Later dawgs!

Looking for a coder!

New Genie Toon!

2010-09-19 23:03:56 by D-Fear331

Heya! Check out the new Genie With A Dirty Mind toon I put up! It's a laugh and a half! (PSH. MORE LIKE "NOT EVEN HALF A LAUGH.") Hey, fuck you ya parenthetical!

I'm all moved in at NYU now, and I'm still adjustin' to my schedule and everything here. But, expect more animations than usual until June, because it's lookin' like those are the easiest things for me to produce while I'm here. Enjoy!

Check 'em out! We're underway shooting our next halloween short now, before I leave for NYU. But, I had the night off so I made those thingies.

Been makin' art!

2010-04-16 22:14:24 by D-Fear331

Check it out! I'm gonna try to make this a regular thing.

New animation!

2010-02-11 00:39:00 by D-Fear331

"The Genie With A Dirty Mind - Shop Class"

Okay, so it's not Spider-Powers...but hopefully you enjoy it all the same!

Good News and Bad News!

2009-11-27 00:47:14 by D-Fear331

Well. The bad news is...

Spider-Powers isn't happening this Christmas. If you keep up with my website or YouTube page, you already know this. Instead of that, I had to replace it with another project, easier to shoot and less time consuming- a short film called Deck'd that will be released on YouTube on Saturday, December 12th.

But! Fear not! The good news is, it's not happening this CHRISTMAS. I really wanna push the story further with this little series, so my idea at the moment is to do shorter little episodes of it every couple of months until the summer. It'll still be musical, just not as Christmas-themed as before. The backstory on the missing Santa will be part of it, though. I'd love to start the first one in January, but if you know anything about planning projects creatively, your deadlines are rarely met. Life sort of tends to get in the way.

So stay tuned, this is the first place I'm releasing this news, I haven't even made a post on my website yet!

Go check it out yall!

Spider-Powers 2 Screenshot

2008-12-17 00:37:50 by D-Fear331

Exclusively for Newgrounds!

Be sure to check out dominicfear.blogspot.com for more updates!

Spider-Powers 2 Screenshot